Oil Raffinadery

From inspiration to expertise

It is an ingenious answer to a real need. In over twenty five years, Lars-Inge Larsson, the originator of the LarsLap® valve grinding concept, has seen his unique designs attain a position of international preeminence.

The designs are the result of years of practical experience of valve maintenance in power stations and process industries. The products have been developed to provide service engineers with a perfectly functioning tool and to offer companies a profitable investment.

For our part, we endeavour to be on hand to solve any problems on site. That is the best place to turn experience into inspiration for the next generation of designs. It is also the right place to advise our customers and to share our knowledge with them frankly and in a way that establishes trust and confidence.

We complement our own extensive knowledge of valves with valuable suggestions from our customers, continually transforming the insight this gives us into innovative techniques, improved products and new accessories. After all, we know that even if we do already market the best valve grinding system in the world, there is always room for improvement.